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UFO: Afterlight APK - Fight Aliens and Explore the Red Planet

UFO: Afterlight APK - A Strategy Game Set on Mars

If you are a fan of strategy games, sci-fi themes, and alien invasions, you might want to check out UFO: Afterlight APK. This is a game that lets you lead a human colony on Mars, trying to survive and flourish in a hostile environment. You will have to deal with various challenges, such as managing your base, researching new technologies, exploring the planet, and fighting against different enemies. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about UFO: Afterlight APK, including what it is, how to download and install it, how to play it, and how to enhance your experience.

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What is UFO: Afterlight?

UFO: Afterlight is a strategy video game that was released in 2007 by Altar Games and Bohemia Interactive. It is the third installment in the UFO series, following UFO: Aftermath and UFO: Aftershock. It combines squad-level tactical combat with overlying strategic elements inspired by the 1994 classic X-COM: UFO Defense.

The story and setting of the game

The story of UFO: Afterlight is set on Mars, where a human colony has been established with the help of the Reticulans, an alien race that invaded Earth in the previous games. The colony is supposed to be a new home for humanity, as Earth has been taken over by other hostile aliens. However, things go wrong when the colonists discover that Mars is not as empty as they thought. They encounter ancient robots, mysterious structures, and other factions that have their own agendas. The player will have to unravel the secrets of Mars and its history, while also dealing with the threats from Earth.

The gameplay and features of the game

The gameplay of UFO: Afterlight consists of two main modes: strategic and tactical. In the strategic mode, the player has to manage the colony's base, personnel, resources, research, diplomacy, and territory. The base can be customized with different modules that provide various functions, such as labs, workshops, training facilities, power plants, etc. The personnel can be assigned to different roles, such as soldiers, scientists, technicians, diplomats, etc. They also have skills, attributes, equipment, and relationships that affect their performance. The resources include metal, fuel, water, food, etc., which are needed for maintaining the base and producing items. The research allows the player to unlock new technologies that can improve the colony's capabilities. The diplomacy involves communicating with different factions on Mars and Earth, such as Reticulans, Beastmen (mutated humans), Myrmecols (insectoid aliens), Wargots (robotic aliens), Starghosts (ghostly aliens), etc. The player can trade with them, form alliances with them, or fight against them. The territory involves expanding the colony's influence on Mars by sending rovers and building mines on neutral regions or attacking enemy regions.

In the tactical mode, the player has to control a squad of up to seven soldiers in turn-based combat scenarios against various enemies. The combat takes place on different maps that represent different locations on Mars or underground bases. The player can use cover, flanking maneuvers, indirect fire weapons, UFO: Afterlight is a complex and challenging game that requires a lot of planning, decision-making, and adaptation. To play the game effectively, you need to master both the strategic and tactical aspects of the game. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your skills and enjoy the game more.

The tips and tricks for managing your base, personnel, and resources

Your base is your headquarters, where you can build, research, train, heal, and store your items. It is also where you can communicate with other factions and monitor the situation on Mars and Earth. Here are some tips and tricks for managing your base:

  • Build your base according to your needs and preferences. You can choose from different modules that provide different functions, such as labs, workshops, training facilities, power plants, etc. You can also upgrade or dismantle them as you see fit.

  • Assign your personnel to different roles according to their skills, attributes, equipment, and relationships. You can have up to 40 personnel in your colony, but only 20 of them can be active at a time. You can switch them between active and inactive status as you wish.

  • Manage your resources wisely. You need metal, fuel, water, food, and other resources to maintain your base and produce items. You can obtain them by mining, trading, or looting. You can also recycle or sell items that you don't need.

  • Research new technologies that can improve your colony's capabilities. You can research different fields, such as weapons, armor, vehicles, psionics, etc. You can also reverse-engineer alien or robot technologies that you acquire.

  • Keep an eye on your morale and reputation. Your morale affects the performance and loyalty of your personnel. Your reputation affects the attitude and behavior of other factions. You can increase them by completing missions, making deals, or performing actions that please them.

The strategies and tactics for fighting against aliens and robots

Your combat missions are where you have to face various enemies that threaten your colony's survival and expansion. You have to control a squad of up to seven soldiers in turn-based combat scenarios against aliens and robots. Here are some strategies and tactics for fighting against them:

  • Choose your squad members carefully. You can select from different classes, such as soldier, scout, sniper, medic, engineer, etc. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as special abilities that can be useful in different situations.

  • Equip your squad members properly. You can choose from different weapons, armor, items, and psionic powers that suit your squad members' roles and preferences. You can also customize them with different modifications that enhance their performance.

  • Use cover, flanking maneuvers, indirect fire weapons, snipers, grenades, mines, traps, etc. to gain an advantage over the enemies. You have to consider the terrain, weather, visibility, morale, and injuries of the soldiers and enemies. The combat can have different objectives, such as eliminating all enemies, capturing a specific location, rescuing hostages, etc.

  • Learn about your enemies' strengths and weaknesses. You will encounter different types of aliens and robots that have different abilities and behaviors. Some of them are immune or resistant to certain types of damage or effects. Some of them have special attacks or defenses that you have to watch out for.

  • Adapt to the changing situations. The combat missions are not always predictable or straightforward. You may face unexpected events or surprises that can change the course of the battle. You have to be flexible and creative in dealing with them.

How to enhance your UFO: Afterlight experience?

UFO: Afterlight is a game that offers a lot of content and replay value, but it can also be enhanced with some additional features and modifications. Here are some ways to enhance your UFO: Afterlight experience:

The official and unofficial patches, mods, and updates for the game

UFO: Afterlight has received several official patches that fix some bugs and improve some aspects of the game. You can download them from the game's website or from other sources. However, there are also some unofficial patches, mods, and updates that add new content, features, or improvements to the game. Some of them are:

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  • UFO: Afterlight - The Mars Project: This is a mod that overhauls the game's graphics, sounds, music, interface, balance, and gameplay. It adds new maps, missions, enemies, weapons, items, technologies, etc. It also improves the AI, the difficulty, the performance, and the compatibility of the game. You can download it from [here].

UFO: Afterlight - The Earth Project: This

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